The privacy of your personal information is important. Enlihtan Capital Management ("Enlihtan") will collect personal information so that it may provide you with the products and services you request as well as information on other products and services offered by it. The law may also authorise or require Enlihtan to collect personal information. Enlihtan may disclose personal information to other parties (confidentiality arrangements apply) for certain purposes that are outsourced, including administration and audit. Enlihtan will also seek expert help from time to time to help it improve systems, products and services. Your personal information may be disclosed to these third parties in such circumstances or otherwise to enable Enlihtan to efficiently operate its business.

Enlihtan needs to collect personal information from you for the primary purpose of providing you with an investment in the Enlihtan Global Opportunity Fund (including identifying you and assessing your application). There are also a number of related purposes for which your personal information will be collected and these are to process your application, administer and manage your investment in the Enlihtan Global Opportunity Fund and comply with Australian taxation laws, the Corporations Act, anti-money laundering laws, and other laws and regulations.

Your personal information may also be used by Enlihtan to administer, monitor and evaluate products and services, gather, aggregate and report statistical information, assist you with any queries and take measures to detect and prevent frauds and other illegal activity. We may also be allowed or obliged to disclose information by law and to report on prudential or risk management matters. Enlihtan never passes on , sells or swaps your data for marketing purposes to third parties.

Enlihtan aims to ensure that the personal information retained about you is accurate, complete, secure and up-to-date. Enlihtan keeps you data for no longer than reasonably necessary and only retains your data for the above purposes. Your data is stored on local and cloud-based servers on an encrypted basis. If you provide Enlihtan with incomplete or inaccurate information, it may not be able to provide you with the products or services you are seeking.

If you have concerns about the completeness or accuracy of the information Enlihtan has about you or would like to request access or amendment to your information, simply contact Enlihtan on +61 2 8007 4788 or by email at

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